More About Me

For the last  9 years, I've been incredibly lucky to work at two fantastic schools in London, Wetherby Preparatory School (where I was Head of Science) and Ricards Lodge High School, both of which I loved.  Alongside my classroom teaching, I also have over 5 years private tutoring as well as mentoring roles under my belt, which I've found hugely rewarding.


Having just started a family of our own, my husband and I decided to leave London and come to Oxfordshire to be nearer family and friends - a brilliant decision which is proving to be one of the happiest we've ever made!

As much as I've appreciated the time off work I've had, our first child has recently turned 1 and I'm keen to get back to a job that I just really love.  I'm a widely trained teacher with the following qualifications: BSc (Biological Sciences), PGCE (Secondary Science) and MA (Educational Practice) and have experience in most Exam Boards & different School Prep Entrance and Scholarship exams.  My passion is teaching, helping my students to learn and understand - getting them to ask the questions that will fuel their knowledge.  When it comes to teaching, patience really is everything and I find encouragement tends to go a long way too!

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